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City of Sunny Isles Beach
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Nomination of a Veteran for Recognition on the Heritage Park Veterans Wall

The City of Sunny Isles Beach accepts nominations of veterans for recognition on our Veterans Wall at Heritage Park (19200 Collins Avenue). Applications are accepted throughout the year, and if service and residency are verified, names are added to Veterans Wall annually at our Veterans Day Celebration on November 11. Nominations must be received prior to September 1, in order to be considered for recognition that same year. Otherwise, they will be reviewed and considered for the following year’s celebration. Only service men and women who ARE, or WERE residents of Sunny Isles Beach themselves, can be nominated.

Date Service Began

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Date Service Ended

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Date of Birth

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Date of Death (if applicable)

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Name of Person Submitting Nomination

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Upload State Issued Photo ID

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Upload Proof of SIB Residency. (Resident ID Card or Utility Bill)

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Upload Proof of Military Service. (Honorable Discharge Form DD214 or Certificate of Service)

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Do you want your nominee to be included in a digital media spotlight?

Participants who agree to participate should be advised:

  1. Photographs submitted will become a public record
  2. Photographs will be published on the City's website, social media pages, online photo gallery, and City-produced videos.
  3. Participant represents that they own the photograph being submitted and it is not copyrighted by a third party
  4. Participant gives any media outlet permission to (i) air the photo and (ii) publish it on digital platforms and social media, without compensation

If yes, please attach a photo of the nominee. If you do not have a digital photo, please contact us at and we can coordinate alternative options.

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